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Recycling Campaign Set

Recycling Campaign Set

SKU: 0006

This complete customizable recycling campaign for schools, institutions, business or at home is designed and proven to lower contamination rates and increase recycling!

Prices for customized recycling campaigns start at $50.00 with our Basic Recycling Campaign Package and can range up to $300+ with our Premium Recycling Campaign Package.


Customized campaigns include: Adding your school/business logo/branding on all campaign material such as recycling flyers, posters, recycling memos, QR codes and much more!


The Basic Campaign package only includes soft files (online). Premium package includes printouts and recycling introduction video with school/company branding.


Contact us for more information on the different campaign packages we have available for your school, business or organization! 


Call or text! 305-741-9000

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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