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Lady Green Book

Follow Michelle's story and see how she started a recycling club with her friends!

The Lady Green Book


Reading Age: 2 -12 years


Inspired by a true story, this book takes the reader on Michelle's journey to save the rainforest and marine life with the help of her friends, her dog Lady, and her two birds Luna and Luki. Saddened upon learning about the extensive deforestation and plastic pollution in our oceans, Michelle gets a sense of urge to start a recycling club.

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Atala Montessori Bin Decorating Contest.
Atala Montessori Bin Decorating Contest
Atala Montessori
Bin Decorating Contest Winner 2019
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Our annual Bin Decorating contest invites all Miami-Dade and Broward County Public and Private School to decorate their recycling bins for a chance of winning great prizes.


Tyrone Sadaal

Gulliver Prep Schools

“When our school decided to review our sustainability and recycling efforts we met with a number of companies.

We chose Lady Green because Michelle’s commitment to recycling and the environment inspired us. She has been a proactive partner in our work ever since. Every single thing she said that she would do she has done.

Her data-supported recommendations for organizational improvement have reinvigorated our program. I recently recommended her enthusiastically to a neighborhood school because I believe highly in the ethos of the company, and in Michelle’s leadership.”

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Meghann Collard

Palmetto Elementary

“Lady Green Recycling has been paramount in our efforts to bring responsible plastic and aluminum recycling to our school.

Their extensive knowledge of the waste management category, combined with their passion for proper waste disposal and reduction is exactly what our students and community need.

Their partnership has allowed us to teach better ways to recycle and made it easy for us to manage the day-to-day process in a cost-effective manner. We look forward to continuing to grow our services provided within the school while cheering them on as an industry game-changer.”

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“During the last two years, it has been a success story to work with Michelle Salas and Lady Green.

This is due to her diligence and ability to comprehend our needs. Her positive and pleasant attitude makes it a pleasure to work with Michelle. We are highly motivated to find and explore ways to do more recycling projects with Michelle and Lady Green. Her company provides top-notch service and quality.”


Gustavo Saliva

E-Scrap Inc.

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